Employment of teachers, lecturers and support staff


Employment of teachers, lecturers and support staff

Your employer has a legal duty to give you a written statement of the particulars of your employment within two months of you starting your job. The statement should contain, for example, your hours of work, holiday entitlement, place of work, etc. Your pay, and on what basis it is calculated if you are a part-time teacher, should also be included.

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Again, there is considerable variation in the amount of paid holiday entitlement available to lecturers employed in different colleges, with a range of between 37 and 60 days plus bank holidays.

It is still unusual for holiday entitlement to be taken during the normal college teaching year, unless there is a specific arrangement with line managers.

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Notice periods

You must follow the notice provisions set out in your contract of employment unless they are less than the statutory minimum notice periods.

The statutory notice period requires both you and the college to give a minimum of one week's notice for employment over one month but less than two complete years, and two weeks for two years, three weeks for three years, etc, up to a maximum of 12 weeks.


Annual Income 

The annual income section as a guideline only. 
Lecturers begin on between £17,793 and £22,522 a year. 
Experienced lecturers earn between £26,686 and £36,355 a year. 
Senior and principal lecturers can reach between £39,141 and £42,605 a year. 

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